What kind of a city is Rijeka, the place where you will go to make my new teeth done?

The easiest way to answer to that question is through photography. Well, to be more precise through 40 000 of them. This time lapse video will dive you in everyday city life.

What the autor says about this video:

Rijeka – City in Motion is a project whose main goal is to promote the City of Rijeka and the whole region, but from a different perspective and in a bit unusual way. The City of culture, music, sports, and above all diversity and tolerance, is shown in a unique combination of timelapse and video clips that shows 24 hour period. It is very important to say that 99% of the footage are still images with only a few video sequences. The images that are used for the movie were taken at more then 65 different locations while final release includes about 50 locations all over the city. About 40.000 photos are used for the movie. The entire movie has been captured in the period of one and a half year (April 2012. – October 2013.)