Like all of you who are thinking of going through all on four surgery, before I finally decided to undergo the procedure I read millions of reviews. I was terribly scared – they all wrote about horrible pain, the swellings that last for days, not just the swellings in the mouth but also of the nose, the lips, under the eyes. Not to mention how terrible it is to remove all of your natural teeth and replace them – forever – with something artificial. However, when you have no other exit, you decide on desperate moves.

And it was not easy in my case either. It’s been a couple of months since my all four surgery and today it’s lot easier to talk about it than before. Actually, back then I could not even talk. Or eat or swallow. And it is true that I’ve been shedding blood for days and thought I would die.

This was especially my thoughts during the surgery. I shuddered most of the time. But Dr. Hodak and his team was so supportive that I really cannot say anything negative about them now.

The procedure on the upper jaw lasted for 3 hours, my remaining 7 teeth had to be removed and I received anesthesia twice. Then there were days of agony, swellings (just as described in reviews I’ve read), the pain, painkillers of all kinds… I thought I would never look like a normal person again. And I still had to go to another surgery and repeat it all over again with my lower jaw. That was a lot easier, fortunately.

Basically, the recovery lasted for about three weeks. I cannot describe my luck when I finally started eating solid food. Has it paid off? Well, I didn’t have a choice. But if you’re wondering if I’m happy with the job that’s done, be sure I am. It is painful, it hurts, you feel terribly weird, but if that’s the only solution – it’s worth the money and the tears.

Eva Slokowich, Cardiff, 48

Treatment: All on four

My two sons (7 and 11), my wife and I have spent the summer 2019 in Lovran, Croatia. We stayed with friends from Italy with whom we associate for years. During the holidays, the younger son broke a front tooth while playing on the coast of the sea. We were very worried because we did not know whether to visit the dentist in a foreign country or to wait to get home in Brighton. Friends who happened to know dr. Hodak personally immediately recommended him.

Unfortunately, the damage to the son’s tooth was too big to be fixed by a regular seal, so we’ve decided for a ceramic veneer. It came to us as a pleasent surprise that the cost of reconstruction was within the budget of our vacation! Since then, I’m thinking to personally visit dr. Hodak in Croatia, I have a few problematic teeth myself.

Adam Rox, Brighton, 42

Treatment: Ceramic veneers

I recently visited Rijeka on a business trip and decided to fill a gap in my agenda with a visit to the dentist. I inquired about dentistry services at the local pharmacist and some hours later I already had my teeth cleansed. I managed to get an appointment in only two hours. Back home in England there’s a half a year waiting list for these kinds of services. The dentists I went to in Croatia spoke English, had what seemed as all the latest equipment and they did a very thorough job. I’m thinking of returning with my family for more treatment.

Emilia Janson, London, 47

Treatment: Teeth cleaning

I have problematic teeth ever since I was a child. Bad genes. I spent years on the UK healthcare system. I spent bounces of money. And still I was not satisfied: new problems would constantly appear. I’ve decided to once and for all deal with my dental problems. I sat by the computer and goggled for the most suitable solution. I came across your site and reviewed your prices; they seemed to be very affordable. After the first visit to Croatia, which was in January 2019, I was very surprised by your clinic. The latest technology, friendly staff that speaks English and very detailed and elaborated explanations of each part of the procedure. I was thrilled. Today I have a new smile and a positive experience of Croatia, which I try to share with all of my friends. I solved the problem with my teeth once for all.

Brian Hancock, Wolverhampton, 61

Treatment: Dental Implants, Sinus Lift, Crowns, Bridge Work

I work as a school teacher. Do you know what does it mean to have terrible teeth in a school full of children? To make the long story short, kids can be cruel. They gave me all sorts of nicknames. During the class, a piece of paper would start to circulate in the classroom and than they would all start to laugh and gnash. I felt awful. I was thinking of changing the school, even my whole profession. I felt great frustration and insecurity. Then I stumbled across Dental Croatia on the Internet. Several years ago, I have become friends with a woman from Croatian. She always said all the best about her country. After talking to her, I started to develop trust in your dentists.
Several months afterwards, and several visits to the Dental Clinic of Dr. Hodak behind me, I have new teeth. And a new self-confidence. Children in the school are shocked, at first they didn’t know how to react. The papers stopped circulating the classroom, they stopped to scoff. Now I can finally work with them on the school syllabus. I cannot describe how much this means to me. I finally have my life back! Thank you, Dr. Hodak!

Karen Mannis, Matlock, 36

Treatment: Dental Implants, Bone Replacement, Crowns & Bridgework

I’ll never forget when I first landed on the Croatian ground. It was 1993, during the war. At the time I traveled a lot, for the job, and we had several business partners in Croatia. The country was gray and sad, people were worried, the threat (of war) was permanently in the air. 15 years after the war in Croatia, I heard from a friend that I could cheaply fix my teeth in Croatia. At first, I was more than skeptical. I remembered the gray country that has just emerged from socialism. However, my friend was so persuasive that I decided to get in touch with Dr. Hodak. I asked him to send me his references and photos of the clinics, and to thoroughly explain each step of the procedures he had planned to take. The answers I received very quick and more than satisfying! His clinic looked like any other clinic in the western world. I decided it was time to leave my prejudices, and I bought a plane ticket. I arrived in Zagreb. Now it was a new country. Maybe I was so thrilled because of the sunny day, but I do not believe it is only that. The driver with a wide smile waited. He took me to Rijeka and during the trip explained me a lot of what happened after the war. After hour and a half, when we got to the clinic, another positive surprise was waiting. The clinic itself was great and the city of Rijeka, where the clinic is located, was a vivid Mediterranean city. I even took a swim on the bank of the Adriatic Sea since I arrived two days earlier. I think that all in all the decision to have a dental treatment in Dental Croatia was more than a good one. I can say that I had vacation and my teeth fixed for the price you’d pay for a single crown in the UK.

Geoff Bratt, Corby, 59

Treatment: Inlays

I was skeptical about traveling to a country I’ve never been to for a dental treatment. I saw that your prices are low, and that have even worsen my skepticism. But it started to melt after I first had a phone conversation with Dr. Hodak. He sounded serious and confident. He quickly responded to my request. His plan for my bone replacement was elaborate and systematic. So I took the first trip to Croatia … Since then, only the positive things happened. I’m still in the process of the bone reconstruction, but now I know that everything will go fine.

Karlík M. Mánik, Preston, 57

Treatment: Dental Implants, Bone Replacement