Save Money and Enjoy


The reason for choosing to travel abroad for medical treatment is different for everyone. But if you consider lengthy NHS waits and high prices for dentistry in UK, there is little wonder that a growing number of Brits are taking advantage of affordable, high quality private healthcare abroad.

They  combine the process of having their teeth done with the experience  of a cultural or relaxing holiday, whilst saving thousands of pounds compared with having the treatment done privately in the UK.

We in Croatia have the same level of expertise as our colleagues in Britain, but almost 80% of people there can not afford the highest level service which they could afford in Croatia.

Less accessible NHS treatment is driving people to look abroad. Croatia is one of the most popular destinations. Why is that? There are several reasons, but let us highlight a few:


Many people who have received expensive treatment plans from UK dentists look to Croatia for a discount dental alternative. Even clients with dental insurance find tremendous savings by going to Croatia for their major dental work. The cost of dental procedures in Croatia range between 40%-70% less than average British prices.


Croatian Dental Association, the professional dental body of the country, is a regular member of the World Dental Federation and European Regional Organization, ensuring there is a standard system of quality control and assessment. Dentists in Croatia receive their primary education in Croatia, and often travel abroad to receive additional training in their respective specializations. Croatian medical universities are as well recognized as high quality educational spots.Availability of highly skilled and experienced English-speaking dental surgeons is, thereby, one of the reasons for growth of dental tourism in Croatia.


To help ease the concerns of their dental patients from outside the country, selected Croatian dental clinics even guarantee their work for several years. Dental clinics in Croatia utilize similar safety techniques as their British counterparts, such as the use of sterile equipment and sanitary water. They use modern equipment such as Panoramic Xrays, Digital Xrays, and intra-oral cameras. For full-mouth reconstruction and dental surgery procedures, clients often have the convenience of receiving major treatments from a team of Croatian specialists in one dental center. It is common to have a root canal specialist, cosmetic specialist, dental implant specialist (implantologist), and dental anesthesiologist team up to work on clients in need of extensive dental treatments.


In addition to saving money, dental tourism offers travelling. Croatia is known for its vibrant culture, landscapes, the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean cuisine. With today’s low coast airline tickets, accommodation in apartment or room and a dental services in Croatia, a person can still save money. Afford yourself a great dental holiday. Dental holiday in Croatia is a great way to unwind from your hectic life. Go and relax yourself, enjoy on one of the numerous Croatian beaches!