Services and Technology

The dentists in Dental Croatia network offer a wide variety of dental-care services, ranging from cosmetic dentistry, dentures, emergency dental services, endodontic services, family dentistry, implants, orthodontic services, periodontic services, to dental restorations.

We provide

  • Conservative treatment with aesthetic composite fillings (one, two and three surfaces), RVG imagery, composite pins, tooth extraction
  • Endodontic – a combination of manual and automated canal treatment with automated canal length measuring, RVG control with KODAK 2200 and KODAK 610), rinsing with rinse ENDO equipment, touch and heat and ultra fill liquid GUTTA-PERCH filling)
  • Paradonthology – Vector a machine for painless treatment of the affected gum
  • Esthetical stomatology: aesthetical fillings; teeth whiting; teeth jewelry; esthetical shells and crowns
  • Desensitisation (verneers)


  • Fixed – metal ceramic tooth crowns and bridgework; empress pure ceramics without metal for a more aesthetic tooth crown; zircon ceramic a no-methane zircon base for an aesthetic replacement; gold ceramic; veneers aesthetic ceramic shells
  • Removable – Complete and partial dentures; vironit metal prosthetics; ATTACHMENT hidden attachment points for dentures; TRAYS for teeth protection against grinding and problems with the jaw joint.
  • Oral surgery and implantology: apicotomy, cystectomy; surgical teeth extraction; implants
  • Pedodontry
  • Ozone therapy for the treatment of dental caries with newest Kavo HealOzone technology
  • Laser therapy
  • High quality materials: In our practice, we use high quality materials and modern dental technologies of world-class value, thereby achieving excellent results. We import all equipment and materials from the United States, Germany and Belgium.


  • RVG machine (radiovisiography) for teeth imaging, 90% less radiation than classical X-ray machine
  • Intraoral camera for the detailed and enlarged view of the oral cavity on a computer screen
  • Vector a device for periodontal pocket cleansing and paradenthosis treatment
  • Airflow sand blasting and pigment removal with no negative side effects to the dental enamel
  • Machine endodontics for automated production and determination of the tooth’s root canal
  • Rinse endo for washing out and disinfection of root canals which, combined with previously mentioned, adds to efficient endodontic teeth treatment.