Ceramic or porcelain veneer is a “cap” or prosthetic addition to your tooth used mostly when your seal is severly damaged so it can no longer complement the lost part of your natural tooth.

Veneers are recommended to restore the functionality of the teeth in case of significant deterioration of the natural tooth as a result of large cavities or in the event of root canal treatment which, after the therapy, usually have severe damage that needs protection.

Ceramics has become the standard in dental prosthetics because of a number of good qualities that other materials can not satisfy.

It is characterized by high strength, it withstands high temperature changes, and is resistant to chemical influences and corrosion. Most important, it is biocompatible, does not cause allergies and it maximally mimics the appearance of a real tooth.

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Several European countries now became leaders in affordable dental industry, and Croatia is most certainly among them. The comparative advantage is that, while deciding whether to do your veneers abroad, your decision should definitely be influenced by the fact that Croatia offers more affordable prices than the UK, accompanied with relativly cheap flights.