Dental Croatia

Special offer for Silver Generation – Dental implants for seniors; Smile with confidence

Dental implants for seniors in beautiful Croatia. 
Get a new smile while enjoying the sun, sea, and authentic food.

Why is Croatia the perfect destination for Silver Gen?!

  • Experience the culture and be sure that they could learn something new
  • People in Croatia were warm and welcoming
  • The dental treatment was top-notch
  • Save money
  • Experience the Croatian culture and learn new things

Still not sure about Croatia?

Croatia dentists are highly trained and experienced. Whether you’re a first-timer or need help remembering what country has been known for years as one of Europe’s top destinations, your visit will be an enjoyable experience with the best care available anywhere.

Your smile is important to us! 

All on 4 in Croatia is done by millions of people worldwide, and the reason is simple.
Croatia is one of the best dental tourism destinations and it has a long history of dental excellence, and its dentists are highly trained and experienced.  Also, it has a long history as one of Europe’s most beautiful countries and it continues to be so today.

Smile with confidence while being in the best years of your life.

Explore Croatia. Taste our authentic food. Get to know the culture, and history, all while having your All on 4 Treatment done.

Quality Work

Highly skilled and established Dental Experts and English-speaking Staff.

High-end Technology

State-of-the-Art Dental Equipment & Technology and use of only the Highest Quality Materials in line with the contemporary standards of dental implantology.

More than 1000+ New Smiles

Dental Croatia provided more than 1000 new smiles around Europe.

Best Tourist Destination & just 2 hours away from the UK

Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine. Croatia is a two-hour flight away from the UK.

Show your perfect smile to the world
thanks to our All on 4 Special Offer only for Silver Generation

All on 4 Croatia for Silver Generation includes:

  • 4 implants with abutments
  • Dolder-bar for prosthesis
  • Wironit skeleton for prosthesis
  • 2 MK 1 attachments
  • Provisional prosthesis
  • Anesthesia
  • Imprints
  • Model for laboratory
  • Transfer from and to the airport included if the price exceeds 5000.00 £
  • Accommodation is included if the price exceeds 10,000.00 £
  • We are at your disposal for transfer and accommodation arrangements that will be provided by our partners who are established tourism agency

Total: 5.000,00 £

With discount: 4.350,00 £

Benefits of doing your All on 4 treatment in Croatia in beautiful city of Rijeka

Why is Croatia the best destination for dental implants for seniors?


1st class quality – renown AnyRidge Dental Implant System


Cost saving – The prices of teeth implants are several times lower than in other EU countries.


Personal assistance – Local representative to help you during the whole process


Authentic country full of beautiful attractions, rich culture and history, authentic gastronomy.


Experienced specialists -Dental surgeons with over 10 years of experience


Time saving – You can have new teeth in 2-3 months!


Croatia has rich historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage. And a lot of beautiful picturesque places to visit.


Croatia – full of life


Skeptical about booking your All on 4
Treatment in Croatia?
Don’t be!

…if you’re wondering if I’m happy with the job that’s done, be sure I am. It is painful, it hurts, you feel terribly weird, but if that’s the only solution – it’s worth the money and the tears. Dr. Hodak and his team were so supportive that I really cannot say anything negative about them.

Eva Slokowich, Cardiff, 48Treatment: All on four

The latest technology, friendly staff that speaks English
, and very detailed and elaborated explanations of each part of the procedure. I was thrilled. Today I have a new smile and a positive experience of Croatia, which I try to share with all of my friends. I solved the problem with my teeth once and for all.

Brian Hancock, Wolverhampton, 61
Treatment: Dental Implants, Sinus Lift, Crowns, Bridge Work

Several years ago, I have become friends with a woman from Croatian. She always said all the best about her country. Several months afterward, and after several visits to the Dental Clinic of Dr. Hodak behind me, I have new teeth. And a new self-confidence. I finally have my life back! Thank you, Dr. Hodak!

Karen Mannis, Matlock, 36
Treatment: Dental Implants, Bone Replacement, Crowns & Bridgework

At first, I was more than skeptical. However, I decided to get in touch with Dr. Hodak. I think that the decision to have a dental treatment in Dental Croatia was more than a good one. I can say that I had vacation and my teeth fixed for the price you’d pay for a single crown in the UK.

Geoff Bratt, Corby, 59Treatment: Inlays

I was skeptical … But it started to melt after I first had a phone conversation with Dr. Hodak.
His plan for my bone replacement was elaborate and systematic. So I took my first trip to Croatia … Since then, only positive things happened. I’m still in the process of bone reconstruction, but now I know that everything will go fine.

Karlík M. Mánik, Preston, 57Treatment: Dental Implants, Bone Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions About All on 4 

Why go to Croatia for All on 4 Dental treatment?
There are many reasons to choose Croatia for All on 4 dental treatment. The country has a long history of dental excellence, and its dentists are highly trained and experienced. In addition, Croatia offers a wide range of dental clinics and facilities, so you can be sure to find the right one for your needs. The country is also home to some of the best beaches in the world, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday while you receive treatment.
What is the difference between Croatian dental faculties and those in UK?
Croatian dental faculties are widely considered to be among the best in the world. They offer high-quality education and training, and their facilities are among the most modern and well-equipped. In addition, Croatian dentists are highly experienced and skilled, so you can be sure to receive the best possible treatment.
What is price saving for All on 4 in Croatia in comparison with All on 4 in UK?
The cost of All on 4 dental treatment in Croatia is typically much lower than in the UK. This is due to the lower cost of living in Croatia, as well as the fact that dental clinics and facilities are often more affordable. In addition, you may be able to take advantage of special offers and discounts when you book your treatment in advance.
You may be a great candidate for dental implants, but don't know where to start.

Agitate: Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth, but the process of getting them can seem daunting. It’s hard to know where to start or who to trust.

Solution: Dental Croatia is here to help make the process easy and affordable for you. We offer a free consultation so that we can assess your individual needs and develop a treatment plan that fits your budget. Plus, we offer financing options so that you can get started on your new smile today!

You're missing all of your teeth, or a lot of them, and you don't want to wear a denture.

Agitate: It’s hard to feel confident when you’re missing all of your teeth or a lot of them. Plus, traditional dentures can be uncomfortable and they might slip out when you laugh or sneeze.

Solution: The ALL ON 4 dental implant method is the perfect solution for you. This revolutionary treatment uses four dental implants to anchor a full set of replacement teeth in just one day. You’ll be able to eat whatever you want and smile with confidence again.

How long is the surgery and is it painful?
The surgery lasts approximately two hours and it’s not painful. It is done under local anesthesia. After the anesthesia wears off, you can experience light to moderate swelling and soreness for a few days. In most cases, you’ll be able to return to work or your normal routine within one to two days.
What if I don't have enough bone?
Don’t worry about that 🙂 One of the primary advantages of All-on-4 versus traditional implants is that the angled installation allows for fixed bridges in patients that would otherwise have required bone grafts. Therefore most patients are not required to undergo bone grafting prior to having implants.
Who is the candidate for All on 4 treatment?
Most patients who can wear traditional dentures are candidates for All-on-4. Dr. Hodak will utilize advanced 3D imagery to create a virtual model of your jaw and mouth. Then will evaluate bone quality, volume, and quantity to determine the best treatment option for your situation.
How to get to Rijeka, Croatia?
Rijeka is perfectly connected to all surrounding countries.

That said, you have a variety of airports to land to:

  1. Airport Rijeka
  2. Airport Zagreb
  3. Airport Trieste (Italy)
  4. Airport Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Feel free to check all the details here.

Are transfer and accommodation included in this special offer?

  • Transfer from and to the airport is included in the price only if the total work exceeds 5000,00 £.
  • Dental Croatia Team is more than welcome to arrange on your behalf reliable transfers from and to the airport.


  • Accommodation is not included in the price for this special offer, but we are always more than happy to arrange a perfect accommodation that suits your needs and wishes.
  • Accommodation costs are included in the price only if the amount of work that will be done will exceed the total cost of 10.000,00 £
  • Dental Croatia Team has picked the top three apartments and luxury villas for our clients, and we are more than happy to arrange your stay in one of them.

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