Yes, we reached the Big 2014! Well, let it be happy for all of you. Let it be the year of great changes, of smart decisions and great improvements. Take care of yourself, of your health and the healt of the ones you care for.

Having said this, we cannot escape reminding you of all those little steps that leed to satifaction. Start with the appropriate care for your teeth for example 🙂

Need to do some planning? Start with planning the trip to Croatia. Now you might ask, what does Croatia have to do with my health? One of the many answers could be its continous emphasise on the development of health tourism, industry which is gradually making its way to the European tops.

In 2013, Croatia entered the European Union. Now the traveling to this Mediterranian country becomes even easier. Apart from many frequent and cheap flights from the UK to Croatia, what we can also guarantee you, personally, is the great amount of exceptionally attractive accommodation at available prices, all along the Adriatic coast.

Saying is that Croatia is a small country for a big vacation. It needs to be added that the vacation in Croatia can be active as well – you could do the most of it by solving things that you might have put aside whilst taking a short break of your everyday life. See a dentist, and do so in our dental clinic. Step into the new year with plausible decisions and goals. Make small but important steps. And smile!

On this occasion of the new year counting its first day, we would like to express gratitude for all of you who gave us your confidence in the last year, as well as the excitement for meeting “the other” all of you, our new patients!